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Anaheim Personal Injury Attorneys

Anaheim personal injury attorneys

Our Anaheim Personal Injury Attorneys want to be the ones that you call if you become a part of the 5.25 million car accidents that happen each year.

In the surrounding Anaheim area, the California Office of Traffic Safety has reported that over 3,000 persons have been killed or injured in a car accident. If you are or have been seriously injured in an accident in Anaheim, our experienced and dedicated injury team can help.

We have helped change the lives for clients throughout all of California and have the resources, experience and dedication to help you too.

Bisnar Chase has recovered over $300 million dollars worth in settlements, verdicts and judgments over the past 40 years and we will continue to fight for you, your case and the rest of our clients from beginning to end.

What Types of Personal Injury Cases Do You Take?

Bisnar Chase takes on many different personal injury cases. From car accidents, to wrongful death and dog bites to hoverboards and e-cig injuries. Our firm has a wide variety of attorneys specializing in all aspects of most injury cases including;

  • Auto defects
  • Product liability
  • Brain injuries
  • Serious dog bite cases
  • Premise liability
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Commercial trucking accidents

What Is a Personal Injury Attorney?

A personal injury attorney equips clients with legal representation for persons who have been physically or emotionally wronged by an outside party due to negligence. Bisnar Chase's mission is to provide you with the highest quality of representation and legal advice.

For over 39 years our personal injury attorneys continue to cater to each client's personal injury case as if they are our only client. Our dedication to quality client care is unmatched in our field. The law office of Bisnar Chase has consistently been named one of the Top 1% of Lawyers nationwide and have a reputation respected by judges, juries and even defense counsels and our attorney client relationship is our top priority.

When Should I Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

personal injury attorneys in Anaheim

The Department of Motor Vehicles states that although a person can file a claim by themselves, it is strongly advised that a personal injury attorney be retained for your case in order to fight big insurance companies and further protect your rights.

The damages from a personal injury are expensive. If you are located in the Anaheim district, it is heavily suggested that you should hire a personal injury lawyer if you have experienced severe injuries that have led to costly medical bills and consequential amounts of income losses due to your injuries.

Severe injuries that can occur instantly after an accident are pain, numbness and dizziness.

What Constitutes a Serious Personal Injury?

Some severe personal injuries can include the following:

How Can I Prove That I Have Suffered from Severe Personal Injuries?


Snapshot images of the incident can prove to be essential to cases especially if you want to provide substantial evidence to your injury lawyer. Photos that should be taken are not only of the damage done to the vehicle, but also highway wreckage and obvious personal injuries at the site of the accident.

Medical Documents

Whether it be a bill or email, every single piece of information that is between you and a specialist is vital for your accident attorney.

Documentation that should be kept includes notes and emails shared between you and your doctor. Receipts for specialized equipment (crutches, wheelchair), food for a particular diet or prescriptions will aid in reimbursement. It is also suggested that travel expenses for doctor visits be recorded as well.

Bystander Observations

Whether it be a slip & fall, dog bite or a car accident, eyewitness reports can prove to be advantageous for your case. It is important to provide your personal injury lawyer with the names of the witnesses and their contact information.


Keeping a daily record of the progression of your injuries is key. Every type of symptom must be thoroughly described such as when the pain occurs, the amount of pain that is felt and also if the pain keeps you from performing day-to-day tasks.

Injuries in an Anaheim accident

Personal Injury Cases in Anaheim

Anaheim, CA attracts people from all over the world for one reason: Disneyland. The happiest place on earth is not so happy at times though. The Orange Register has reported that the famous Anaheim attraction has had 140 legal claims brought before the court. The culprit? It's none other than the ground itself. One-third of the legal disputes belonged to cases that involved slips and falls.

A "slip and fall" injury is otherwise known as a "trip and fall" injury, is categorized as a personal injury claim on the basis of falling or slipping and injuring oneself on the property of another.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claims that over 800,000 individuals are hospitalized per year for fall injuries which have led to concussions or hip fractures. What's even more shocking is that $31 billion dollars annually are accumulated from direct medical cost because of slip and fall injuries.

Bisnar Chase personal injury attorneys have served Orange County for close to four decades. We have an astounding record of performance in aiding individuals in serious personal injuries. We have provided financial relief by obtaining compensation for accidents and impairments for clients throughout Anaheim with excellent results.

Choose the Best Lawyer in Anaheim

The experienced injury lawyers of Bisnar Chase will be an advocate for your cause. We possess the skills, experience, and dedication to guiding you through the often-difficult negotiations, trial, and appeals. We are familiar with state and federal insurance and liability laws.

We also act as your skilled negotiator to represent you in court or at the settlement table. We provide each of our clients with a personal, first-class experience designed to get you maximum compensation for your injuries while providing a level of comfort inside and outside of the courtroom.

We have a long history of highly-satisfied clients and record-breaking verdicts and settlements which we have obtained through aggressive litigation for the past 39 years. Let one of our skilled lawyers represent you. Shouldn't your pain and suffering end at your injuries?

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